Scientific Program

 Dynamics Days Central Asia

Day 1, October 11

Morning Session

Chair:  Hussian Erjaee

09:00-09:45          Itamar Procaccia.  Shear localization in amorphous solids

09:45-10:30          Bruno Eckhardt. Reversible and irreversible dynamics in a sheared Wigner crystal

10:30-11:15          Gunter Radons. Extreme events and the dynamics of hysteretic systems

Coffee  Break (11:15-11:45)


Parallel Session A

Chair:  Hussian Erjaee

11:45-12:30     Changbong Hyeon. Hidden complexity in the isomerization dynamics of Holliday Junctions

12:30-13:15        Hassan Shah. Effect of adiabatic trapping on the evolution of solitary structures in classical and quantum plasmas

Parallel Session B

Chair: Zarif Sobirov

11:45-12:15      Felix Polyakov. Geometric invariance as a basis for compact representation of complex planar hand movements

12:15-12:45          Tomoshige Miyaguchi. Distributional ergodicity in anomalous diffusion

Lunch break (13:30-14:30)

Afternoon Session    

Chair: Katsuhiro Nakamura

14:30-15:00          Karim Sabirov. General Solution of nonlinear Schrodinger equation on metric graphs

15:00-15:30          Saparboy Rahmonov. Particle dynamics in kicked quantum billiards

15:30-16:00          Shumpei Masuda.  Acceleration of quantum dynamics in chain models

Coffee Break (16:00-16:30)

16:30-17:00          Farhan Saif. Tracking Microscope by matter wave reflections

Dinner  (18:30-20:30)

Day 2, October12

Morning Session       

Chair: Farhan Saif

09:00-09:30         Takaaki Monnai. Typical pure states and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics

09:30-10:00        Takaaki Koga. Semiclassical simulation of time-reversal quantum interference in mesoscopic loop arrays in the presence of spin-orbit interaction

10:00-10:30      Shiro Kawabata. Thermal transport and cooling in ferromagnetic/superconductor hybrid systems

10:30-11:00         Yashihiro Yamazaki. Pattern formation in uniform and periodic crystal growth modes from thin solution film with a threshold. 

Coffee  Break (11:15-11:45)

11:45-12:15          Khaled  Naseer. Dynamical Localization of Acceleration Modes for  Atoms

12:15-12:45      Doniyor Babajanov.   Vortex dynamics in trapped single-component Bose-Einstein condensates beyond Thomas-Fermi regime

Lunch break (13:00-14:30)

Aftenoon Session

Chair: Hassan Shah

14:30-15:00          Mehdi Allaei. Thermal rectifications in carbon-based nanostructures

15:00-15:30          Yasuhiro Utsumi. The nonequlibrium fluctuation theorem in quantum transport

15:30-16:00          Takeo Kato. Kondo signature in heat transport via a local two-state system

Coffee  Break (16:00-16:30)

16:30-17:00          Tomoshige Miyaguchi. Distributional ergodicity in anomalous diffusion

17:00-17:30          Hussian Erjaee. Complexity and its Applications

17:30-18:00          Valijon Eshniyazov. Kicked Dirac particle dynamics in a box

Dinner  (18:30-20:30)

Day 3October13

10:00-13:00          Group discussion